Moby by Alp Nuhoglu. It is a distinctive bench design that can be located in the short-term waiting areas, right next to reception desks or any kind of entries, shopping malls, shools, break rooms. Moby Benches with its minimalist sleek form blends into any style. These benches come in two different designs; simple bech design or same bench with a higher section. There are two different sizes available in both design options. Two Moby benches with higher sections can be used back to back to create a section almost like a picnic table great for short-term meetings. By placing different pouffes around this area, you can create a meeting point for different hours of the day. B&T Design’s entire fabric and vinyl catalog is suitable for the Moby benches. Bottom of each bench has 4 small levelers to ensure stability as well as protecting upholstery from touching the ground.