Sleek, clean, contemporary storage unit for modern spaces. Reflecting classical design concept, Kat is a simple storage product with its minimal forms yet very high end with materials used. Linear partitioning of cabinets on the front surface emphasizes smoothness. The selection of material and color of the table that turns sideways with a natural inclination allows adding modern look. This storage unit with rounded corners communicates with other furniture in the room. Kat, which can fit any space residential or business with its neutral appearance. Almost any style dining table is good fit for Kats. It can be used by a conference or dining table as contemporary sideboard. Or it can be used alone by itself for storage purposes. The outer shell, which can be black and white, is used in combination with different natural wood veneers. The floor console consists of three main modules. Made out of MDF boards with lacquer on the top and back of the units and natural wood veneers on the front surface.