Outstanding aesthetic and straightforward form. Slender designed by Alp Nuhoglu, features very slim upholstered seat as its name implies. Its in same family with Joy but it doesn not stack like Joy Chair. The defined seating area is transported with elegant feet, allowing the other products in the room to express themselves. Entire structure of the chair is made of steel. And polyurethane foam injected over steel frame. It is also a modern product that can be lined around the dining table. Slender is an ideal chair for all areas calling for comfortable seating even over prolonged periods - for example, lecture theatres and seminar rooms. Very good option for design oriented hotel rooms as a desk chair. All of B&T Design's graded in fabrics are approved for Slender Chair. Metal frame can be ordered in polished or matte chrome. Or painted in desired color as well as same color as fabric. Manu and Elusive tables are good match for Slender chairs as dining or meeting table.