Soho easily succeeds in providing luxury and confirtable seating thank you its very flexable backrest despite it's boxy appearance. That flexibility comes from steel springs imbedded inside polyurethane foam. It's a contemporary and very elegant chair for high scale restaurants. Aside from being chic restaurant chair, Soho can be very good waiting room chair. A doctor office, a stylish dentist office or any similar offices which guests would have to wait for their turn perfect fit for Soho chairs. When positioned side by side in a row it saves a lot of space for the host. It can be a luxury dining room chair around a contemporary dining table. With its easily gliding steel sled base Soho makes great desk chair in any work space or conference chair in a modern meeting room. Both four legged and sled metal bases can be ordered in chrome or painted in various colors. Wooden base by standard made out of solid beech wood can be stained in desired finish. Absolute Table, Manu Table, Spy Tables are among many tables that can go very well with Soho Chairs.